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Mission and Philosphy


Our mission is to serve children and families of the Fairfield and surrounding community by delivering a high quality educational program provided through a professional, nurturing staff.

Wilde Kingdom ELC Philosophy

Children are in a constant state of development.  Our curriculum and practices center on providing a safe and secure environment within which that development is nurtured, guided, and explored by credentialed faculty who value each child’s unique capabilities and character.  We recognize that learning through play provides a powerful, yet appropriate, means not only to gently nudge a child’s growth, but also build a sense of satisfaction in learning with others.  Play-based learning joyfully challenges children to move beyond their current capabilities.  By guiding that play within the environment of learning centers, children build a sense of connection with their community and begin to understand the value of the diversity of cultures found within it. 

 Our curriculum is designed using developmentally appropriate practices, all guided by three major, nationally recognized values:

  • Faculty and staff continually deepen their knowledge about child development and learning
  • Focus must be maintained on what is individually appropriate for each child
  • All involved must maintain an awareness of what is culturally important within our children’s community

Throughout all we do, we incorporate the goals of Ohio’s Early Learning Standards. Our educators continually observe the children as they play and interact, documenting that assessment, not only to guide our efforts at stimulating their development, but to inform and involve the parent fully in the process. These assessments are firmly tied to specific developmental milestones, helping to maintain an appropriate pace matched to each child’s needs and abilities.