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Our child leaped forward in school after WKELC experience

Our son Izak attends Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center.  There are many things we love about Wild Kingdom. We love the caring nature of the faculty and the education Izak has received. Izak has grown friendships from an early age starting in Giraffes class, to Owl class and now to Tiger class. He loves being out in nature, so the fact outside play is incorporate is very important. The communications from staff to parents has been great. There were many times we shared a concern regarding Izak with the Director and she has been great at coaching us along the way and making sure his transitions were comfortable.


While attending Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center, Izak has learned how to make friends, play, create art, dance (Webby Dance is awesome.) He a can count to 5 in Spanish, knows his ABC’s and loves to read. He has learned about animals (pet frog in the Owl class that Miss Lisa had us take home and set it free in the pond, the caterpillar turning into a butterfly was great, and the experience with the Guinea pigs has been very educational).  The teachers at Wilde Kingdom are educated, caring and work extremely hard. We would choose Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center again because Wilde Kingdom makes us feel like we are all one big family; along with the fact that we know our son is safe at Wilde Kingdom.  We plan to continue to bring Izak to Wilde Kingdom when his public kindergarten is on break.  Izak was so far ahead that Winton Woods Preschool moved him to full time this year. I give the teachers of Wilde Kingdom well-deserved credit for their work with Izak.

Rebecca B and Rick B

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