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It Felt Like a Member of Our Family Was Watching Her

We are so happy to be part of the Wilde Kingdom community. After touring several daycare facilities, your center stood out far and above the others. Just yesterday, as I was picking Charlotte up in the afternoon, I peeked in the window and saw the teacher lovingly holding Charlie and excitedly showing her various things […]

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Our child leaped forward in school after WKELC experience

Our son Izak attends Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center.  There are many things we love about Wild Kingdom. We love the caring nature of the faculty and the education Izak has received. Izak has grown friendships from an early age starting in Giraffes class, to Owl class and now to Tiger class. He loves being […]

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Pre-K experience

My daughters, Charlotte and Clara, attended Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center.  One of the things we like best about Wilde Kingdom is everything!  Our children have grown developmentally and socially, have made strong friendships, and are cared for by their teachers and staff as if they are their own children.   While attending Wilde Kingdom […]

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Our teachers know that infants and toddlers crave and develop attachments to the special people in their lives; it’s all about relationships.  In a safe, warm environment, infants begin exploring their world through play with toys, books, and gentle games with their teacher. Physical, emotional and cognitive growth are gently fostered using developmentally appropriate practices […]

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A toddler’s awareness of their own abilities and the world around them are exploding at this stage, and our Toddler’s Program focuses on their continuous developmental growth.  Within a structured environment, Toddlers balance indoor and outdoor activity to develop physical, emotional, language, and cognitive skills. Play Centers with toys, music, creative arts, and books allow […]

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Our Pre-School program presents each child with the right mix of support, challenge, stimulation and structure.  Using Learning Centers focused on the arts (music, dramatic play, drawing and painting), math, and science, teachers use play and experience to help children develop self confidence, as well as language, cognitive, and social skills.  In this way, we […]

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Our Pre-Kindergarten program fosters cooperative play and collaborative problem solving using developmentally appropriate practices.  Building on skills developed in earlier levels, children find balance in their social, motor, and cognitive growth, guided by teachers who customize their lesson planning to each child’s individual progress.  Children are exposed to developmentally enriching experiences, such as music appreciation, […]

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School Age

Children in kindergarten and the early primary grades make great intellectual leaps in personal responsibility, self direction, and logical thinking.  Our School Age program supports the growth these children experience in their schools with play and socialization, homework assistance, creative activities, exercise, and cultural enrichment.  All activities balance support for their schoolwork with efforts to […]

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