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Butterfly Release Day

Children watch the amazing transformation as caterpillars weave their cocoon, sleep, and emerge as butterflies during the spring.   Then comes the magical day when the butterflies are released to the wild.

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher’s at Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center work wonders with our children all year long.   Parents take time in April to express their appreciation for their dedication, inspiration, and energy.

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Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat for Halloween

Families and friends celebrate Halloween with our children by setting up special exhibits in their car trunks all around our parking lot.  The kids walk to each with their teachers, and everyone has a wonderful time!

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Graduation at WKELC


Its a major turning point in their live… our pre-shoolers graduate and head to Kindergarten!  We’re excited for them, and sad to see them go, but are proud as can be.

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