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Commitment to Diversity

Wilde Kingdom ELC is committed to serving a diverse population of children and families, and to providing a multi-cultural, inclusive curriculum. Our classrooms reflect a diversity of racial and cultural backgrounds, gender roles and special needs and abilities through the use of pictures, books, puzzles,dolls and dramatic play materials. We promote various cultures through art and music education that include materials, art work, songs and instruments.  We encourage families to share native customs, music, clothing, books, games, and foods with their child’s group.

Children with Disabilities

Children with mental or physical disabilities have the opportunity to participate in all activities at the center. We believe all children benefit when children with and without disabilities are educated in the same environment. We believe this creates a sense of inclusiveness, increased tolerance of others, and understanding human differences.

Wilde Kingdom ELC will make any reasonable modification in policies, practices and procedures in order to accommodate individuals with disabilities.

Non-Discriminatory Policy
Wilde Kingdom does not discriminate for reason of race, creed, color, gender,religion, disability, national and ethnic origin in its admissions, educational programs and activities.


Each child’s health and safety are a primary foundation for all activities and facilities at Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center.  The entire facility has restricted access.  Proper teacher-child ratios are always maintained.  Each classroom has developmentally appropriate equipment and practices to ensure the children’s safety.   These include:

  • Infants:  Cribs are fully safety-standards compliant,and are not shared.  Sleeping infants are checked every five minutes, placed on their backs, and no soft bedding is allowed.  The nursery is fully baby-proofed.   While being bottle-fed,infants are always held.  Handwashing,sanitizing, and diapering all are practiced at the highest degree of care.  
  • Toddlers:  All toys are sanitized, and age-appropriate.  The classroom is fully toddler-proofed.  Toddlers are guided on the playground to use age appropriate equipment.  The highest sanitizing standards are maintained for diapering and hand washing.
  • Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten, and School Age: All children are required to wear closed toed shoes, inside and out.  Preschoolers learn health and safety activities, in an environment with safety standards that are age-appropriate. Playground safety is a high priority.